Online Therapy + Wellness Coaching

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Ready for Mental Health Therapy?

I help ambitious women increase energy and decrease stress in order to live a glowing health and happy lifestyle. Are you ready to ready for change, practice, and progress?

How I can Help you:

Here are some of the issues that I work with my clients in my practice.

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks

  • Social Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Boundaries and Assertive Communication

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Conflict Resolution for Difficult Relationships

  • Relationship Transitions/ Breakup

  • Adulthood Re-parenting to Heal Childhood Trauma

  • Grief and Loss

  • Establishing Self Confidence

Ready for Online Mental Health Therapy?

Ready for Online Mental Health Therapy?

What’s Included in Your Online Session:

✨Your Online Therapy Session Includes:

  • Custom Wellness Assessment

  • Custom Wellness Plan

  • Weekly Accountability and Support

  • Skype or Phone Therapy Session Option

  • Monday - Friday Email Support

  • Wellness Education + Wellness Strategies Relating to Your Custom Goal


"I enjoyed the excitement of getting started again, my a-ha moment was realizing, I want to start my goal now."- Shelly M.                                                                                                  Results may vary.

            "I really enjoyed Brandi's patience throughout my wellness "awakening". She really helped me become more aware of my thought process and how I don't always count the details within my goals as accomplishments. An overall enlightening experience." - Nirah D.                            Results may vary.

Book your session now!

Book your session now!


If I get wellness coaching/ therapy, it'll prove that I'm weak.

It takes BIG courage to say that you need help. You aren't weak for admitting that you need help, admitting the truth is actually a marker of strength! In order to deal with a problem, start by acknowledging that a problem exists. In our wellness coaching sessions, we can work on resolving the problem in a healthy way that doesn't hold you back. I can help you work through your issue with supportive coaching and a custom wellness plan so you can move forward with confidence.

I just need to have more willpower to get through my problems.

Willpower has nothing to do with emotional issues. When you have an issue, it's best to be patient and reflective to ensure a healthy recovery. Using the "willpower" approach can actually be harmful and increase added stress and disappointment regarding the issue that's ALREADY bothering you. In addition, when you participate in wellness coaching your problem generally resolves faster because you get emotional support, judgmental-free dialogue, and a confidential space for your sessions.

My problems aren't serious enough for wellness coaching or therapy support.

Problems do not exist on a scale of worthy to unworthy. If you have an issue that is holding you back or affecting your lifestyle, then it's an issue that is worth resolving. It's important that you identify what the issue is, and from there we can work together to create a practical wellness plan customized to your lifestyle to help you recover healthier and faster.

My faith and spirituality are enough to resolve my problems.

Faith and spirituality are great to help you when you are going through something difficult, but not as an exclusive practice. My wellness coaching is centered on dynamic holistic approach (mind, body, nutrition, and spirit) which means multiple methods of healing are important to resolve your problem. Each of my wellness plans will focus on the methods of coping and recovery that feel right and true for you. You always have the choice to veto or decline any suggestions presented in our sessions. 

I can just talk to my friends or family if I really need wellness coaching or therapy for my problems.

Yes, you can. Friends and family can be our strongest allies and supporters, but they may have full schedules or difficulty following up with you the way you might like regarding the problem you are working to resolve. Friends and family may also have your best interest in mind but may not always understand the problem you are hoping to address or have the space to help you process your issue. In our wellness coaching sessions, you have room to talk through your problem,  get clarity,  wellness plan with insight and strategy and move forward.

Results may vary.