What is Online Therapy and Counseling? How Does it Even Work?

Ready For Online Therapy?

Ready For Online Therapy?

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You may be curious to find out more about online therapy and counseling. For starters, you may wish to know “what is online therapy” anyway? How does online therapy even work? To be a help, I’m going to share all about what online therapy is, and also what online therapy isn’t. I also think it’s important to share who is appropriate to provide online therapy sessions with clients and the legal rules that determine who is considered as an approved Online Therapist provider to work with. Shall we get started.

Online Therapy Is:

Online therapy is very similar to in-person therapy. Online therapy will consist of a client generated mental health goal and a trained therapist supporting the goal in online therapy sessions over time. The online model of therapy may include a phone session where the therapist and client complete a session by phone for a standard therapy session. This may be great if anxiety, shame, or judgement feel like a barrier to getting support for emotional health issues. Talking on the phone with a therapist may be calmer option to begin online therapy support.

Another model of online therapy may include Skype or zoom video conferences for online therapy sessions. This method is great because the client can see the therapist and the therapist can see the client, which helps to keep sessions present in the same manner as an in-person therapy session.

You may consider online therapy supplemental support options of secure emails and text messages. As a Licensed Therapist, I recommend phone and video conferencing for online therapy support sessions in order to get the best outcomes for your emotional health goals.

Online Therapy Isn’t:

-Ineffective compared to in-person therapy

-Unstructured chatting on the phone

-Being exhausted from difficult online/ IT connection problems

-Dealing with disconnected out of touch therapy

Who is an Appropriate Online Therapy Provider?

Online Therapy must be provided via someone who is licensed via your state to practice therapy independently. Each licensed therapist is registered with the state as a licensed provider. A wellness coach may not offer therapy services. A health coach may not offer therapy services. A hypnotherapist may not offer therapy services, etc. Only a state licensed therapist may offer online or in-person therapy services. However, sometimes mental health associates or mental health trainees will offer therapy services and sessions with the regular supervision of a licensed therapist.

Legal Rules For Online “Therapists”:

No biggie here but, if you work with online therapist they must be practicing in the same state that you live in for the services to be appropriately considered “therapy”. Being that I’m an Online Therapist based in California, I can only provide online therapy services to people who live in California. I may however provide Wellness Coaching Services nationally and Internationally without consequence.

My preference is to provide a combination of therapy and wellness coaching simultaneously in my online therapy sessions because it gives my client’s practical methods to apply what they are learning from the therapy work that is taking place.

Ready for Online Therapy?

Ready for Online Therapy?

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