Ready For Online Therapy? How to Know if Therapy Will Be Effective Before Paying

Ready For Online Therapy?

Hi Friend, today we are talking about the 4 basic signs of readiness that will determine if you’re ready for Online Mental Health Therapy support. As a Licensed Therapist, I have worked with many clients and the signs listed below are the primary markers of readiness and success. Recently, I have been receiving more therapy inquiries from potential clients at different stages of readiness. I thought this post may be helpful for anyone who is interested in online mental health therapy to have tools to self-assess therapy readiness.

4 Signs Of Readiness for an Online Therapy Session:

  1. You Know Your Goal for Online Therapy: Before you decide to start therapy, think about what your goal will be while attending online therapy. Do you want to decrease depression symptoms? Decrease anxiety symptoms? Do you want to improve communication with your partner? Do you want to work on finding yourself? Do you want to decrease your stress symptoms? Online therapy and traditional therapy is about understanding and clarifying best practices to address your custom emotional health goals. Think about what you hope to see improved from the time spent in therapy sessions. In an initial session, you may also describe your current circumstances to work with your Therapist to clarify your custom therapy goal with your Therapist’s support.

  2. You Are Ready For Change: This is important! A way to understand “readiness for change” is to think about if the issue you want to resolve in online therapy were to be completely resolved in the course of your online sessions and practice; would you feel happy? Would you feel successful? Would your custom emotional goal be met?

  3. You Are Ready To Practice The Homework: In a good online therapy session you will be provided suggestions and recommendations to resolve your emotional health goal. Are you prepared to practice the suggestions and recommendations that your Therapist shares with you? Of course it’s always reasonable to share any concerns or to simply refuse to do any recommendation that does not feel “safe” or “appropriate” but if you are working closely with a good therapist, they will be recommending safe and proven evidence based therapy best practices for emotional recovery based on your needs.

  4. Your Ready to Make Time: If your considering investing in therapy, please consider making time to attend your sessions in a consistent manner so that your emotional health goal is continuing to improve. You may consider attending sessions weekly, or bi-weekly if you need more intensive support. For other’s you may consider monthly, quarterly (every 3 or 4 months), semi-annual (every 6 months), or annual (once a year) sessions for emotional support and maintenance. You can work with your therapist, your schedule, and consider the intensity of your goal to determine the right amount of time to commit to online therapy sessions based on your custom goal.


The Phases of Readiness:

I created a handy Goal Phases Guide to help you determine the key stages of readiness for changing behavior patterns. Use this guide as a tool to self assess your readiness for online Mental Health Therapy. This guide includes a Beginner Process and awareness of a developing goal.

The second stage is the Intermediate Process where you become certain that the goal is important and will be something to work on.

The third stage is the Advanced Process of working holistically on the goal, being more attuned to practice and opportunities to gain momentum for the goal.

Each phase may look different for different people and there is no good or bad phase of change as all three phases are important. In addition, it’s critical to know that all 3 stages may occur for different spans of time and that repeating any stage more than 1x or cycle is completely natural and normal.

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Ready to Start Online Therapy?

Ready for Online Therapy?

Ready for Online Therapy?

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