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Considering Online Therapy?

Hi Friend, today we are talking about the 6 basic processes you may expect during an online therapy session. I have worked with many clients and the basic processes listed below are the primary activities that happen in most of the sessions I have provided. Recently, I have been working with new clients who haven’t had therapy before so, I thought this post may be helpful to reference a first or initial online therapy session as well.

What to Expect in an Online Therapy Session:

  1. 1:1 Time with Therapist: During the session it is your time to speak with the Therapist about your goal of treatment. It’s ideal that you be in a quiet or low traffic space for sessions to avoid distractions from the session. The therapist ideally is in a quiet location with no distracting noises, foot traffic, or additional people during your session.

  2. MH Assessment: During an initial and for follow up sessions as well, the online therapist should be able to ask how your mood and symptoms are improving, staying the same, or getting worse. This helps the conversation to return to the larger goal of treatment in every session. In some cases the therapist may create a formal mental health assessment to help organize strengths, opportunities for treatment and diagnostic information.

  3. Discussion: The therapist should help to create a safe space for the client to talk about the way the client experiences their symptoms, symptom management, symptom progress, fear, and positive gains. The therapist should also be mindful of any risk for client safety risks. All licensed therapists are mandatory reporters meaning any risk of abuse to harm others or to harm one’s self requires reporting via the therapist.

  4. Clarification of Issue (Psychoeducation): A good online therapist will practice clarification of the client’s issue and psychoeducation when appropriate.

  5. Therapeutic Recommendations and Suggestions: Your work with a online Therapist will likely include recommendations and suggestions for helpful therapeutic coping practices to consider.

  6. Goal setting and home practice: At the end of the session it may be ideal that the Therapist clarify the therapeutic recommendations for the client to select which methods will be put in practice after the session concludes and prior to follow up.

Online Therapy Method Options:

Phone: The Therapist may call the client for telephonic therapy which is considered a form of online therapy.

Video Call (Skype or Zoom): The Therapist may schedule sessions via video conference with Skype or Zoom for face to face sessions online.

Email or Text: The Therapist may work with client via email or text if clients prefer to have session support made available via email or text support.

I included what to expect in an initial or follow up online therapy session. I hope this article is helpful for you and how you van approach starting therapy if you feel it will be helpful for your health and wellness. If your interested to work together, see the information below. There will information of how to book a free consultation, sign up for the Fit Life Newsletter and to follow weekly posts for wellness, nutrition, and fitness.


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