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How to Start A Health & Wellness Journey: Create a Weekly Health & Wellness Routine, and FREE Incentive Map Worksheet

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Hi, Queen Wellnista!

I wanted to share my top 5 tips to begin or refresh your health and wellness journey. We all have goals and different things we want to work on or improve in our lives. Why not make our attempts and efforts as impactful as possible no?

I have been on different and reoccurring health and wellness journies and I've picked up some great lessons to share to save your time and energy for reaching your goals. Working smart instead of working harder is a real thing.

5 Tips For Starting A Health + Wellness Journey

1. Identify your goal: make sure it's a goal that YOU are choosing for yourself. If it's not a goal that's coming from your own heart, you are not as likely to keep the motivation requirements to reach the goal successfully.

2. Identify "WHY" you want to work on the goal: Get clear on why you choose the goal, what does it really mean to you to master the goal? How will you feel? How will your life be improved by the goal?  This step is what determines your motivation level to achieve the goal versus wishing to achieve the goal.

3. Identify the first step for your goal: decide what you must do in order to take a small step toward your goal. What is one small action you can take daily or several times weekly toward the success of your goal? Building a routine is about building practice and with practice being mastered you are creating a habit, then when the habit is mastered, your actions can become a lifestyle.

4. Practice + Refine Your Strategy: Get into the action of practice. It's completely okay to make mistakes but the idea of practice is that you continue to learn from those mistakes in order to keep your overall momentum towards the big goal. Remind yourself of your "why" when you feel nervous, anxious, scared, or frustrated and keep going.

5. Create an Incentive Map: goal tracking is essential, track your progress on a weekly basis to keep your mind and your actions connected to working on your goal. Being that we are human, it is helpful to also create an incentive or reward for reaching the small milestones of your goal. I have a simple, effective, and FREE incentive mapping worksheet below that you can use for any goal that excites you. Just click the button below!

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I hope you enjoyed this article! Sound off in the comments below, what is one wellness journey goal you have that feels important right now?

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