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The Glow Method Lifestyle Academy 8 Week online course helps overbooked professionals and entrepreneurs who are beginning or maintaining their health and wellness journey learn how to organize and develop healthy daily habits for stress management, simple clean nutrition, and a manageable/ convenient at-home fitness practice so they can feel more energy, confidence, and happiness in 60 days.These are things I can help you with:

  • Creating and Implementing your first Life Shift System to Reclaim Your Time (I learned how to get an extra 2.5 hours back from my overbooked weekday = a total of 12.5 Hours a week!)

  • Creating and growing your custom Habit Snowball Technique to create habit change that doesn't drift away when stress or life gets in the way (The method I teach works for weight loss, fitness, healthy nutrition, stress management, pretty much any goal you pick!).

  • Developing a Custom Overbooked Life Wellness and Stress Management Recovery Plan (These are the techniques I teach to my private Wellness Coaching clients and Therapy clients)- Learn what healthy stress management tools can help you the most when your BUSY! (We also work on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Overbooked Lifestyle).

  • Developing a Healthy Plant-Based Meal Plan with only 1 Hour of Prep Time per Week (I will teach you all of my time-saving prep techniques which allow you to eat healthy meals that make you GLOW, lose weight, and crave healthy food). My Nutrition Coaching clients lose at least 5 lbs. in the first month using the methods I am teaching with no exercise!

  • Creating your Overbooked Home Fitness Schedule for Beginner Fitness or Maintenance Fitness (Learn how to set up your home fitness schedule and workouts to make your home fitness routine doable and easy to keep!) for long term results.

  • The Glow Method Lifestyle Academy course will also include 3 guided self-hypnosis session recording for Life Shifting organization, Nutrition and Fitness, and Stress Management and Wellness.

  • PLUS bi-weekly live coaching and Q + A sessions with Me!

I'm sure this resonates with you and I'd love to help you with any and all of the above!

Let's talk soon because spots are limited. Book your call with me to see if right now you're a good fit for my course and coaching program. Click HERE.

Next Semester of Glow School Begins in: July 2019

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Next Semester of Glow School Begins in: July 2019