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How to Get Over An Emotional Heartbreak: Heal, Move On, + Recover

Emotions are a great, difficult, overwhelming, energetic and constant experience. Stop right now and take a moment to assess what emotion you are currently feeling.

Emotions are wonderful when they are good and maybe not as great when there is a problem, loss, grief, unexpected news, or heartbreak attached. This post is geared to help you manage, heal, move on and recover from emotions relating to heartbreak.

What is Emotional Heartbreak?

Emotional heartbreak is the genuine disappointment, sadness, disbelief, rage, and desperation relating to an emotional loss of a person, place, or thing. Emotional heartbreaks happen throughout life and are a natural part of the life experience. The tips below can serve as a guide for when you are in a heartbreak experience.

How to get out of Heartbreak:

1. Allow yourself time to grieve and feel your feelings authentically. Cry, yell, rant, scream, break dishes. Do whatever you need to do to safely process the energy associated with your loss. Your body and mind are more available to move forward when your body is allowed to feel the emotions that are within.

2. Set a limit for your how long you want to grieve. Phrasing is helpful, for example,  "in one month, this experience will not feel as painful as it feels today". The time limit will vary for each heartbreak. The smaller heartbreaks will likely be a shorter span of time and the more complicated heartbreaks will likely have a larger time attachment. The time frame is helpful for building a recovery mindset. 

3.  Practice Self Care. Drink tea, burn candles, sage your home and body, use crystal healing, eat healthily, meditate, pray, and affirm. Make time to practice whatever helps you to feel loved, and cared for.

4. Process your grief until you feel there are no additional details to evaluate. This is a great time to journal out every single solitary thought regarding the heartbreak. Meditate on the heartbreak. Look for the silver lining of your grief. What good may come from this experience? What has the grief taught you as a result of the experience?

5. Talk to a Professional: Talk Therapy, Hypnosis, or Wellness Coaching can help support the transition from heartbreak back to health. 

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I hope you enjoyed these tips to move forward from heartbreak. Please be sure to share which tips stood out to you the most or which tip might be the most difficult to implement.

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