Is Online Therapy Affordable? How Much Does it Cost? Can I Afford it?

Ready For Online Therapy?

Ready For Online Therapy?

Hey Friend, I know; Your current question is: “is online therapy affordable?”.

This is the question that comes after learning Online Mental Health Therapy exists, that it’s a real thing, and that people love it and use it. Being that there are several popular online therapy resources that exist currently, there is also a benefit of being able to do some comparison shopping before choosing your Therapist! Yas!

Before we look into affordability, we really must consider how to select your therapist. If you have past therapy experience, you may already know your current therapy needs and preferences based on what you liked and did not like about your previous therapy work and therapy support provider. If you haven’t yet experienced therapy, it may be hard to know exactly what communication style will work best for you; therapeutically speaking.

Good Online Therapy, The Other Side

The other side of searching for a good online therapist includes being clear on what your therapy needs are and determining if the online therapist you’re interested in working with has the not only the skillset to help to you work on your emotional health goal, but also the style of communication that gives you the space to utilize 100% of your session for your emotional needs.

Communication Style is Critical

As you know (or maybe you don’t know) , I’m a Licensed Therapist based in California and I would describe my communication style and warm, relational, direct, practical, and with context based humor. So, the clients that work best with me will appreciate therapy in a way that feels warm, relatable, practical, and clear.

Ultimately, each Therapist has a unique personality and communication style. It’s helpful to speak with a Therapist you are considering working with before you book any therapy sessions. Some therapist’s offer phone consultations so you have a chance before working together to discuss your emotional health goal and to determine if the therapist’s style will work for you.

Ready for Online Therapy?

Ready for Online Therapy?

Remember, Specialty is Important

Additionally, every Therapist has a different expertise and specialty, so it’s important to know your emotional health goal. Your goal will align with certain specialty methods of therapy. For example PTSD pairs well with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma Focused Cognitive Based Therapy. Depression goes well with Talk Therapy/ Motivational Interviewing and goal setting. Anxiety Therapy goes nicely with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness. In order to determine which style of therapy will work for you, it’s important to know where you would like to focus your therapy treatment based on your symptoms and mental health diagnostic information.

Cost Matters Too- Insurance and Private-Pay

Okay back to “is Online Therapy affordable?”. The short answer is yes, and there are several different methods to consider. But let’s first address insurance. Some online providers may accept insurance and other’s will only accept private-pay (self-pay) clients. Most Therapists who accept private-pay will provide an invoice for your sessions that can be sent to your insurance company or employer for reimbursement depending on the insurance and your employer.

Who’s Offering Online Therapy?

There’s big name online therapy providers (Talk Space and Better Help), independent and private online therapy providers, and online coaches who are not licensed for therapy but may offer life coaching for mental health disorders. Let’s look at this more closely.

The Big Name Online Therapy Providers: The two big online therapy providers are Talk Space and Better Help. Each program offers different service plans and therapy options.

Talk Space Starting Cost: 260$ monthly

Better Help Starting Cost: 40-70$ per week

The Independent private online Therapy Providers: I’m an Online Therapist and from the client’s I work with, I’ve found most of my client’s want the option of a 1-hour session or a 30 minute session.

Brandi Jackson Wellness Starting Cost: 55$ for 30 Minutes and 110.00 $ for an Hour session

“Mental Health” Coaches: I have to be honest here, I do believe some people who are trained in therapeutic modalities may be excellent for lifestyle coaching but I would not encourage you to work with a MH Coach without having a MH Therapist to support your emotional health work to avoid any “blind spots” in your healing journey.

There is no screening or regulations for mental health coaches, which means it’s important to do your research!

Below, I listed a mental health coach who I think is the real deal.

The Anxiety Guy starting Rates: 220.00$ per hour

Ready for Online Therapy?

Ready for Online Therapy?

Glow in. Glow Out.


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Ready for Holistic Online Therapy?

Ready for Holistic Online Therapy?

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