How to Master Seasonal Affective Disorder: 10 Tips for Life Recovery for Mental Health

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

It's just about the time of year where symptoms for Seasonal Affective Disorder and "Holiday Season Depression" symptoms start to increase to a noticeable level for folks who may experience them.

Seasonal Affective Disorder usually begins during fall season but may become more pronounced mid-season due to building consistency of symptoms.

Symptoms to watch for:

This may appear as a general weariness, low energy, low frustration tolerance, isolative behaviors, sadness, feelings of loneliness, mood swings, tearfulness, agitation, overeating or eating less than normal or over sleeping or not getting restful sleep in general.

I wanted to share 10 tips to help you master Seasonal Affective Disorder and "Holiday Season Depression".

Watch the video below for an explanation of why the 10 tips are useful for symptoms or read the list below.

I hope you find these tips useful to take back your winter season with health and happiness. Share in the comments below any tip that you found helpful or please share a tip that is not included in the list.

Wishing you all the Best,

Brandi J.

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