Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, Stress Management & More!

Hi Friends, I am back and ready to share some amazing and life changing inspiration rich opportunities with you all.

A few months ago, I received my certifications for Hypnotherapy. I earned the certification of Master Hypnotherapist! 

I thought about what services I wanted to share with the world and of course, my heart linked back to wellness and confidence based services.


-Weight Loss

-Athletic Performance


-Stress Relief & Relaxation


This areas of service has everything to do with my purpose in the world and my authentic personal journey to continue my own evolution.

I want to work with people to inspire and support life altering change and I have worked with people over the last decade in a healing environments using therapeutic methods.

I have a supreme purpose to share light and I am ready to build with you!

I am launching my hypnotherapy and coaching services for women who are ready and fired up to see change and transformation. 

Please stop by my youtube channel to see the latest free hypnotherapy session. And be sure to sign up for a consultation if you would like to work together one on one.

Love and Light,

Brandi J.

*Results may vary.