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Celebrity Fitness: Rihanna's Full Body Cardio Workout: Rapid Cardio + Fat Burn I How to Make Fitness Fun!


Hi, Wellnista!

I know working out can be hard, intense and a complete drag when we just don't feel like it or have a bazillion other items on our "must get done list", so I am here to help make fitness more fun!

If you want to get fit and love The Queen of the Bad Gals Rihanna Fenty; then this workout is for you! Rihanna is out here being #fitness goals and we are all for collecting her fitness secrets right?

I did some research to find out exactly what one of Rihanna's pre-tour workouts include and found a golden workout with all the "afterburn" fixins!

Download and follow the Free Printable Fitness card to give this workout a try for yourself (play Rihanna's music while you're working out for bonus points!). Watch me as I go through each movement and check out my feedback and reaction after trying this workout routine in the video below.



Did you enjoy this workout? Comment below! Help me pick my next celebrity workout by sharing suggestions in the comments!

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Brandi J.

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