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Chrysophrase Stone: Benefits, How to Use, Chakra Placement, Healing Tips

Chrysophrase Stone

Chrysophrase Stone

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With so much positive and curious feedback regarding the Crystals 101 Series, I thought it would be useful to continue to share detailed and instructional information for Crystal Healing Personal Practice.

All of the stones I share about individually; I have also personally used in my practice and feel more knowledgeable to share benefits, how to use, chakra placement, and additional healing tips and discoveries from practice.

What is Chrysophrase?

Chrysoprase Stone is a beautiful rich milky green apple aqua colored stone with flecks of nickel from the family of Chalcedony Quartz (Cryptocrystalline in type). Chrysophrase was named and identified in Greece for its "Chrusos" (Gold) "Prasen" (Leek) coloring. Chrysophrase is often sourced in Oregon, California, Arizona, Russia, Brazil, Australia, and South Africa.


Chrysoprase is reported to increase personal emotional and physical balance. Chrysophrase is reported to remove negative energy, thinking patterns and general internal emotional detox. Chrysophrase is great for anxious mood, depressed mood and, general mood balancing energies. Chrysoprase is said to increase emotional purification, self-esteem, self-trust, emotional protection, judgment-free self-love, balance, calm and relaxation.

How To Use:

There are many ways to use crystals for healing and energy treatments. Crystals are great for personal adornment via jewelry. Wear your crystals and keep them close on your person. You can use crystals for your home space adornment. Decorate a space in your home with crystals for an energy boost. You can also use crystals for personal meditation or during self-hypnosis. Place the crystal on the appropriate chakra during your personal session for an energetic boost during your practice. In addition, crystals are also wonderful sleeping companions. Place your crystal under your pillow to increase energetic refreshment while you sleep. 

Chakra Placement: 

Solar Plexus (at the arch of your rib cage) and Sacral Chakra (Just below your navel).

Healing Tips:

To use crystals for healing personal practice it is recommended that you create a space to acknowledge the crystal energy. Make space to be present and in a state of calm for best outcomes.  Please see the Crystals 101 article about programming, cleansing and recharging your crystals to take great care of your collection.


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I hope you enjoyed learning more about Chrysoprase Stone for your personal healing practice. Sound off in the comments below, what's your favorite way to use healing crystals?

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