The All Day Energy Diet, Double Your Energy in 7 Days- Wellness Read List

I have a great book review for you. I recently read The All Day Energy Diet Book written my Yuri Elkiam. Yuri is a retired international soccer player and nutritionist. The book advertises potential to double energy in 7 days. Finding this book seemed less like a coincidence and more like hitting the wellness lotto!

I love this book! It is full of health and wellness content including a 7 day meal plan, a break down of what foods cause energy to be minimally retained and what foods help to increase consistent energy. Additionally there are multiple exercise plans for people experiencing adrenal fatigue and people who just want to boost energy in general. 

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

A physical and emotional syndrome that is caused by chronic/ respiratory infection or prolonged stress that results in adrenal glands functioning below standard level. This causes tiredness, lethargy, sluggishness, limited concentration, limited focus, and limited memory etcetera.

The book also includes wellness and stress management content around journaling, mediation, tapping, and nature therapy. Also, how to connect to your sense of purpose to live a fulfilled and engaging life.

Some items in the book that really stood out to me:

The 4 Sneaky Foods that Rob you of Energy: Gluten, Sugar, Dairy and Caffeine 

Foods to Boost Energy: Sea Salt Water with Lemon (hydration), Green Vegetables, Low sugar content fruits (Good: pears,and apples versus, Not so good: pineapples and mango)

The author leaves a 7 day meal plan that includes how to incorporate leisure foods/ cheat day foods into your regimen (very realistic).

There is a list of healthy alternatives to try as alternatives to common leisure/ cheat day foods.

Greens Powders: Use the Grass Juice Powders as a supplement it's the only method that keeps the powder 100% raw for full nutritional absorption.

Fish Oil: "A source of at least 1,000mg omega-3 per serving" is the authors recommendation.

The importance of eating healthy fats for energy (coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil etc.).

My 5 Wellness Actions from this book:

I completed a 7 day caffeine detox- The results were higher energy and concentration!

I drink Lemon water and sea salt several times a day (now I know why it's so important for energy).

I want to look into tapping for wellness and learn more and share more. 

I plan to test out the 7 day meal plan and share the results.

I will implement interval training a few times a week (now it feels less intimidating).

Final Thoughts:

I love this book, it's definitely on the wellness must read list. I borrowed this book from my local library but now I am tempted to buy a personal copy. The content is so dense and comprehensive it almost feels like a nutrition and health thesaurus or dictionary.

I hope you enjoyed this book review.

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