7 Day Caffeine (Coffee) Detox for More Energy- Before & After Recap

I made it! I survived a 7 day detox from coffee (caffeine) and I am here to share some reasons for my shift away from caffeine.

I'm a bullet points person so here is the gist of my before:

-Sleepy, sluggish, and lethargic throughout my day

-Felling less zen


-Ready for change & an energy increase

What did I do exactly?

I decided that I wanted to test out some methods for more energy and found a great book, "The All Day Energy Diet" by Yuri Elkaim.

I read the book and one of the principals was to reduce caffeine to create a steady source of energy. The book does not detail how to reduce caffeine intake, however in the image posted above; I share my own method. I hope that it helps however, keep in mind a quick consult with your doctor is best.

* I do drink decaf coffee mainly because I like the ritual of drinking coffee, and I will also drink caffeinated teas on occasion.

Recently I thought about why I had so much energy as a kid and I wondered if the absence of coffee was a key player as well as quality sleep, hydration and healthy meals...just a thought.

How did it go?

I feel pretty great!

More mood balance 

Improved focus

More energy in the morning

Deeper sleep at bedtime

These are just some of the methods I am using to springboard my way to maintaining higher energy levels and I look forward to sharing more notable opportunities.

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