30 Day Ab Challenge: Tips for Blasting Belly Fat/ Get a Flat Stomach Fast

I completed a 30 day ab bootcamp challenge over the spring season. I wanted to write about my results and my reasons for opting to create and complete a core strengthening regimen.

My Belly, My Why:

After having two healthy and large children my core has been missing out on endurance and general strength.  I realized this during my seasonal spring try-on session for spring/ summer clothes. I stood there looking into the mirror and noticed my stomach was hunched over in a half moon formation. I thought slowly "is this this the best you can do"? I was tempted with an overwhelming urge to locate a chocolate bar just to settle my irritation. Comfort eating reflexes happen to everyone! It's something that has been a work in progress for me since I was young. I have some great ways to avoid comfort eating for long term success but the reflex and thinking are still natural and completely okay.

Belly Redemption

That day after having a sad spring/ summer try-on sesh, I didn’t eat any chocolate bars but my wish for a flat tummy lingered on. I thought about what strategy would be doable for me considering, I was starting from scratch to get my core in shape, which can be intimidating. I realized if I made the regimen just 10 minutes, I could talk myself into finding the time no matter how busy, tired or displeased I felt about it. By the way, have you heard about the 10 minute rule and how it can help improve productivity and cancel out procrastination? If not check out this great article to find out more.

About The Workout:

I wanted the workout to be a hi-low mix of cardio and strength to ensure the 10 minute routine felt challenging yet doable. I created workout that consists of 5 interval training core work outs that last for one minute a piece with 30 second pauses between reps. The goal is to do two sets of each exercise. Check it out below.


The Regimen:

The workout is only 10 minutes and just for 5 days a week. On the sixth day I enjoyed a body wrap to help reduce any additional water weight. The workout series is for a total of four weeks, just 28 days. If your feelin extra, pick out 2 days for bonus workout sessions to reach your 30 day milestone.

My Results:

I am proud to say 2-3 inches have disappeared from my mid section and I have kept my results.  The work is still being done to try and get more muscle definition but I will be patient and keep up my efforts. Another great result is that my core is now flat, even when my tummy is at rest. My posture is definitely more confident and upright. I look forward to pulling out my summer clothes this year and that's why I really wanted to share my progress you. I hope this helps someone on their journey in fitness, confidence, or striving for something different.


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