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3 Wellness + Health Goal Phases - Which Phase Are You In Currently? How to Level Up - Free Goal Phases Guide Download

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Hi, Queen Wellnista! I hope you are doing great and feeling inspired and magical.

A quick question for you: Do you have a health or wellness goal?

Are you curious to know:

-How to move from the beginner phase to the advanced level of goal development?

-How to get more goal inspiration?

-What markers and milestones show health and wellness goal mastery?

Understanding these questions is super important because, if you can determine which phase your wellness goal is currently stationed, you can also start to build a path forward to the next phase. 

Wait, there's more! This guide also helps you to identify when you're graduating from each phase of your goal development and moving into the next phase.

Are you ready to see it? Awesome! 

In my work as a Wellness Coach, I've noticed a theme of 3 main phases and behavior groups attached to wellness and health goals relating to emotional balance, weight loss, depression, and anxiety management. The three phases are categorized as beginner, intermediate, and advanced goal development. Each phase has a set of likely behaviors that happen or can happen in each phase.

Watch the video for more information:


Also, it's important to say:

The goal phases may have overlapping behaviors between the adjacent phases (beginner to intermediate or intermediate to advanced) and that's okay.

You can and should use your internal wisdom to determine what is best and appropriate for moving forward to reach your health and wellness goals.

You determine when you are READY to reach any goal, feeling pressured, coerced or forced will not create any enjoyment or long term goal progress.

This guide was created to be a help and support for wellness and health goal progress. 

One more thing!

If you find yourself having a hard time reaching your health and wellness goal, it may be time to dig deeper and ask yourself what benefits may be connected to you NOT moving forward with your health or wellness goal. What makes you comfortable to stay in the goal phase you're currently at?

For the Win!

I hope you enjoyed this article! Sound off in the comments below, what phase is your goal development currently for your health and wellness goal?

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