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Crystals 102: How to Program, Cleanse, and Recharge Healing Crystals for Holistic Wellness Beginners

Hi, Beautiful Wellnista! 

So, you have a few crystals in your collection and your starting to get the hang of how crystals can be used for managing and supporting your energy balance and helping you to be more present.  You're probably having so much fun, but are you wondering "am I doing this healing thing right"? "What do I do next"?

If this is the case for you, I have some great next steps to help you continue your crystal healing journey with a wonderful happy healthy payoff.

How To Program Your Crystals

When you acquire a new crystal for your healing collection it's a great advantage to program the crystal to serve the intention that you want to maximize. For example, Rose Quartz is known to increase the energy of self-love, empathy, and compassion. To program the crystal, meditate while holding it in your hands. Feel the energy of your crystal, and then confirm the energy. Next, verbalize the energy of the crystal with gratitude. Following the Rose Quartz example, this may sound like "I thank you for bringing me love in all of my interactions". Be sure to repeat your intention affirmation 3 times. Allow yourself to absorb the affirmation. Now your crystal is officially programmed. 

I know this may seem hippy-dippy but honestly, I find my connection to my crystal healing to be much deeper since better understanding the importance of programming each crystal before use.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

To cleanse your crystals I recommend using Sage to smudge cleanse the crystals or to use Palo Santo for similar cleansing benefits. Both Smudge sticks are Palo Santo are scientifically proven to purify air and energy. 

How to Recharge Your Crystals

Water is a best friend to recharging crystals when you feel the energy is less potent. I recommend adding the crystals to your bath (Spiritual Bath) or place them in a special glass with water and sea salt near natural lighting. I like to recharge my crystals for at least 30 minutes or up to a full 24 hours to get a great recharge.

5 Crystals to Start Your Crystal Healing Journey:

1. Rose Quartz - The King of Love! Rose Quartz is known for its supreme energy for love, comfort, nurturing, compassion, empathy for self, community, and the universe.

2. Crystal Quartz- The Master Healing Stone for health and balance. Crystal Quartz has a neutralizing property of clarifying and strengthening other crystals you are using. Crystal Quartz also regulates and organizes your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical energy.

3. Blue Opal- If you want metabolism, integrity, and confidence concentrated in one stone, go for Blue Opal. Blue Opal increases the power of voice and communication, physically increases your metabolism and improves the confidence of self and divine purpose.

4. Citrine Stone- Get your fortune on! Get positivity, luck, joy and abundant mood. I love Citrine because my mood just stays bubbly and awestruck. I love it! Love. It.

5. Garnet Stone- Garnet Stone is a wonderfully protective and peaceful stone. This stone is a guardian stone canceling negative energy absorption. When you feel spiritually and or emotionally vulnerable. I recommend Garnet Stone to increase your emotional balance, inner peace, and safety.

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I hope you enjoyed the tips to program, cleanse, and recharge your crystals. Please be sure to share your favorite crystal so far and why?

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