How to Take a Spiritual Bath for Awakening, Love, Abundance, Spiritual Protection & Inner Peace

Hi Friends,

I'm sharing the benefits and method I use for taking spiritual baths. The first point I want to prioritize is that a spiritual bath is going to vary person to person as the intent of the bath may vary and require different practice and items to facilitate your spiritual bath session.

Lately for me, I have been trying to increase my personal awakening, showing love, seeing the world more abundantly, spiritual protection for my ongoing journey, and inner peace for the perfectionist flashes I still struggle with. I'm making my way and you can too if you can relate to my experience even a little bit.

My Spiritual Bath Items & What They Do-

Sage smudge stick: Using dried sage to purify the space, cleanse the air and resolve environmental and mental emotional tension. I smudge the bathroom before entering the tub. 

Healing energy crystals ( I use Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Amazonite, Apophyllite, and Obsidian): I have more detailed descriptions posted for each crystal I use over in the Wellness Lab Shop (link in menu tab) as All of the Crystals I use, I keep in stock in the Shop.

But onward for the short-hand explanation:

Healing Crystals (place in the water for best result)-

Rose Quartz: Love, vibrating love and receiving love, empathy, and kindness to others and compassion for self.

Aventurine: Abundance mindset, success, manifestation, and increased energy frequencies.

Apophyllite: Purity, cleansing, healing and spiritual cleansing.

Amazonite: Integrity, honesty, and clarity.

Obsidian: Spiritual protection, inner peace and contentment.

Spiritual bath bomb:

The spiritual bath bomb is infused with cocoa butter, detoxifying clay and essential oils that focus on spiritual awakening and self-exploration. The bath bombs also have a bit of teal color which provides "color therapy". Teal according to color therapy reflects emotional healing, self-awareness, spiritual advancement, and protection.

Candle(s): the candle's light (fire) signifies life force, chi, prana, life itself.

Bubble Bath: Relaxing luxurious fun!

You can change the items to your liking, some folks really like to add Epsom salts, oils, and flowers etc.

So what happens when taking a spiritual bath?

I take spiritual baths regularly and it's a part of my self-care self-fulfillment regimen. I strive to take them weekly. I usually spend 20-30 minutes in my spiritual bath session. During my session, I pray, meditate, or pray and meditate. My prayer and meditation usually center around finding answers to my pending questions, voicing gratitude and self-affirmation. However, each person may approach the session differently.

To see more about the process watch the video below. Be sure to comment below with any questions or please share your favorite spiritual bath routine below.

Wishing you all the best,

Brandi J.

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