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Full Moon 101: How to Use + Understand The Energy of a Full Moon: 5 Helpful Tips to Beat Anxiety + Depression

Full Moon, Full Heart.

Hello, Beautiful Wellnista!

I hope you are vibing out lusciously as we go into another full moon cycle. But, on the off chance that you are on the other side of the spectrum, where you are feeling moody and burnt out, overwhelmed or, even Depressed, let's chat!

What does the Full Moon even Mean? 

It took me years to understand what the fables and movies from my youth were getting at regarding what a full moon can do to a person. Think back to the movie Teen Wolf or the infamous Thriller Music Video by Micheal Jackson, or Halloween. All of these examples point to transformation, the response of energy and, some shift or outcome for the person experiencing the full moon.

The Full Moon is an Opportunity to...

Feel your very best LIFE! The full moon is regularly in rotation every 29.5 days and it's essentially when our innate energy is at it's highest most amplified frequency. If you are freaking out or vibing out under a Full Moon depends on how you use the energy that the moon is pulling forth. It's worth deciding a few ways to manage Full Moon season. I have some suggestions below.

1. Track The Moon Cycle on your calendar and give yourself 72-hour notice. When you know it's coming you can be more mindful of which direction your energy is moving without being as emotionally absorbent to the energy response of others in the Full Moon cycle. Folks can be a mess and try to bring you on their "Chaos Train", but when you know the Moon is full and everyone is seemingly a wreck, you can be objective instead of reactive.

2. Pay attention to your Self Care Game. If you want to win the full Moon Energy Olympics, you need to go into self-care mode. Treat yourself kindly. Do what you need to do to increase your positivity vibes. Take more baths, drink more tea, read more books, meditate, yoga it up! Do whatever you need to feel love and inner peace. Having a sense of calm is the best way to have a great Full Moon experience.

3. Get into gratitude. This is the best time to be thankful for all of the parts of your life that are going right. Hold on to what is going well. Help your peers also connect with what is going well. Focus your mindset on the ways you have grown, your development, celebrate the parts of your life that are miraculous or practically reliable. You will feel a wave of inspiration because the Full Moon will be there to back you up with increased gratitude Vibes. Let your vibes spread like wildfire, it feels amazing to start a genuine gratitude party!

4. Go All In.  The Full Moon is the best time to get into your meditation, affirmation, and prayer regimen. Go inward, because you are going to be able to go deeper since the Moon's energy is maximized. This can create great progress or a breakthrough for anyone interested in emotional transformation.

5. Buffer Away the Negative Energy. You have the real inside scoop regarding how to amplify your Full Moon energy for your benefit. You may also notice that other folks around you are more cranky, angry, rude, over reactive and or an emotional mess. Show love and patience, lead by example. Keep your chill party going and they may be inspired to reevaluate their use of energy. Inspiring change is really fun and it starts with you Full Moon or No Full Moon, so use the opportunity however you see fit but be assured that every 29.5 days you have a brand new opportunity to have a Mind Body Spiritual Party during the Full Moon Cycle. Enjoy yourself!

For the Win!

I hope you enjoyed this article! Sound off in the comments below, what suggestion feels most useful for you right now?

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