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The Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Belly Fat Burning Guide

Secret Fitness, Health and Nutrition Methods for a Flat Tummy Revealed (+MADE SIMPLE)!

Tone, Tighten, and Boost Belly Fat Burning for a Flat Tummy.

-Easy to Follow

-Nutrition for a Flat Tummy

-Secret Holistic Methods

-Effective Workouts

-Cash Prizes

Want Mega Flat Tummy Results?

Now with the brand new Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Belly Fat Burning Guide Program you can create a tighter, stronger and a flatter tummy than ever had before.

Because this program covers unique holistic nutrition, target workouts, and secret health practices, you can transform your tummy in just 8 weeks!

Hi Wellnista, it's Health Coach Brandi here,

I will be helping you train and practice the Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy methods for the next 8 weeks.

I'm thrilled you are serious about tightening, strengthening, and flattening your tummy!

Core training is my kind of fun!

Why Target Core Training?

As a woman, your tummy is one of your best resources.

I know that tightening, flattening, Strengthening, your tummy will boost your confidence and make you feel sexier and more adventurous.

I know because I used to feel embarrased of my tummy.


"Have you ever felt like you have to hide behind your clothes because of stubborn bloat?"                                      

Women are go-getters and that means having full schedules and responsibilities! A strong toned core determines how we feel throughout the day. Having a strong core makes a difference in how we feel when we tie our shoes, sit at a desk, and while getting errands, housework, and exercise done. Every movement we make physically is linked to our core being activated.

It's exhausting to hide away behind baggy clothes, feeling self-conscious, and frustrated when we know we are ready for a change. With a busy life and a full list of responsibilities, it can be difficult to even know where to begin.


A flat, fit, firm tummy isn’t the result of luck, genetics, crash diets or starvation!

Getting a flat tummy is possible with practice.

Your tummy is made up of organs and muscles that you can holistically and physically train to increase strength, detox bloat, and water weight, and tighten loose skin with the right nutrition and health program.

I'm excited to show you the way.


Did you know you have the ability to earn a flat tummy just like I did? Remember:

"Work hard and smart for your results."

And please remember, a flat, fit, firm tummy isn’t the result of luck, genetics, crash diets or starvation!

That's why I created the Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Belly Fat Burning Guide Program:

I have to be honest, even long before having children I experienced severe "Stress Tummy" and often felt self-conscious in my clothes and swimwear.

I had to earn my flat tummy. Before using the methods from the Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Belly Fat Burning Guide Program I would feel self-conscious baring my stomach at the beach, gym, or in pictures. 

My tummy was bloated, full, and soft. One day I realized my whole wardrobe centered around loose fitting tops. Wearing any form-fitting tops made me feel nervous and self-conscious.

It wasn't until I started training my tummy holistically and physically that I could see long-term transformation and results!

My Tummy Now:



-Bloat Free

-Minimal Water Weight 

-Firmer Tummy Skin

I finally look in the mirror and say "Werk tummy, you the real MVP!".


Here's The Why:

Think of your tummy like a rubber band. 

With too much tension and stretching of the rubber band, it will stretch and have difficulty retracting back to its original shape. This is similar to what can happen to our tummies (from diet, stress, and lifestyle behaviors), leaving our tummies stretched,  soft, and weak.

Once you practice (by using the secrets and methods in this program) you will get a firm, tight, and fit tummy.

The Answer to Getting a Flat Tummy Is NOT:

Crash Diets: While doing a 24 hour fast, or cleanse diet can get you some slimming for your tummy, it is temporary and stressful for your body as the habits for long term results cannot happen in a brief cycle. 

Magic Diet Pills/ FAST Supplements: Taking diet pills and fast supplements can actually get in the way of your results because the practice of changing behaviors is not addressed by taking diet pills and supplements and must be paired with lifestyle change as well.

Starvation: Avoiding eating causes your body to hold on more tightly to the food you eat and your bodies stored fat. Our bodies are smart and naturally wish to conserve our energy. Not eating enough will cause your tummy to store fat.

The great news is getting a flat tummy takes consistency, smart work, and discipline but it can be fun and encouraging to use the methods and see the results!

No Fear:

You don't have to deprive yourself of tasty meals, snacks, or desserts!

Inside the Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Belly Fat Building Meal Plan, you’ll be eating yummy meals that will have your tummy smiling.

After years of research and trying things out on my own body…

I learned the BEST way to get a stronger, firmer, and tighter tummy.

And now…

"I'm confident in my skin!"

It's not because I do 100 crunches a day! And it’s NOT because I deprive myself of the foods I love to eat. Because I don’t.

It's because I use the holistic health, fitness, and nutrition methods in this program for my lifestyle.

Here is Your True Solution: The Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Belly Fat Burning Guide:


The Program Includes:

- Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Belly Fat Burning Guide Daily, Weekly, Monthly Task List

- DIY Natural Tummy Tightening Mask Recipe + Video DIY Tutorial

- "Eat This Not That" List of 10 Foods to Stop Eating and 10 Foods to Start Eating to Get a Flat Tummy

- Top 5 Flat Tummy & Belly Fat Burning Exercises + Video Demonstration Included

+ Access to Fit Mind + Body Tribe Private Women's Only Facebook Group for support

- 28-Day Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Challenge Information- Send before and after photos for a chance to win a 100$ (1st Place) Visa Gift Card or a 50$ Visa Gift Card (2nd Place). 
***only applies when the challenge is in a "host" cycle. Send in before and after pictures year round for quarterly giveaway drawings.

- Weekly Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Checklist Worksheet

- 30 Day Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Calendar

- Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Meal Prep Video, Recipes for all Meals, and Grocery List (only takes 1 hour of prep for 5- days of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack)

This program can get you the Flat Tummy results you are dreaming of and I have 3 fun ways to help keep your motivation up!

1. Share Tag updates on Instagram @brandijacksonwellness. 
2. The first 5 women to participate in the 28-Day Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy Challenge will receive a special gift sent via mail.
3. Enter the 28 Day Fit, Flat, Firm Tummy 28-Day Challenge for a chance to win 1st or 2nd place for the first Challenge Cycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this program make my tummy flatter? This program is specifically designed to help create a flat tummy by addressing strengthening exercises, nutrition, and holistic health methods. Yes, you can expect a flatter, firm, stronger core from using the program methods on a regular basis.

Does this program come with videos? Yes, this program includes videos of the Top 5 Tummy Workouts Demonstration video, Flat Tummy Meal Prep video, and The Natural Tummy Tightening Mask video. The videos are accessed via the "direct links" provided in the program.

How do I access the contents of the program? The program will be sent to you instantly after you complete your purchase. You will need to download and store your program within 24 hours of purchase. If you do not download the program within 24 hours of purchase the access is protected.

Can you email the program video's to me for safekeeping? Yes, please confirm the email attached to your purchase order send requests to contact@brandijacksonwellness.com, and I will send you the email version of the program.

What If I want a refund? This program is a digital download which makes the content permanently available. This program is non-refundable to reserve the character of the program contents for everyone who purchases the program.

*Results may vary.


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