Natural Breast Enlargement And Enhancement: Breast Lift Supplements That Actually Work

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Do you want to lift, firm, and enlarge your breasts? Are you trying to get perkier breasts? Are you down to try natural methods? Great! I just happen to have some great natural breast supplements ready and listed below to help you on your way!

I've kicked off a fun new series focusing on natural remedies to improve breast health! My research started after having my children. The structure of my breast changed after having children and breastfeeding. And then I lost weight and then gained weight. I also gained muscle and then lost muscle and vice versa. All of those variables are normal parts of life but all of those variables can also change the composition of your breasts.

4 Factors For A Natural Breast Enlargement 

It's important to consider 4 key factors that can encourage breast health and growth tissue.

1. Supplementation: Nutritional supplementation can increase breast health and appearance by working internally to support healthy cell production, maintenance, and stabilization of breast tissue and hormone health.

2. Breast Massage: is essential to keeping your breasts healthy. Breast massage increases cell growth and stimulates your breast tissue to maintain healthy secretion of hormones including prolactin (mood and body function), oxytocin (connection), and estrogen (curves). I read a great article below that helps explain the art of breast massage and benefits.

3. Nutrition: Eating nutritious healthy foods will determine how well your body can function in order to accurately produce energy to maintain cell turnover, cell health and active production of cells for hormone balance. Being that breasts are made of fatty tissue, eating healthy fats and monitoring healthy body fat can be effective.

4. Exercise: Exercise can help lift and sculpt your breasts by firming and sculpting the muscles behind your breast tissue. Be mindful that weight loss and fat loss can decrease breast size.

Today, we are going to look at 3 natural supplements you can take to improve breast health and growth.

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4 Supplements That Can Help!

1. Maca Root: Maca root has amazing nutrient values that support female hormone balance, bone health and libido. Maca has estrogen receptors that filter good estrogen and detox bad estrogen for improved breast health. 

2. Fenugreek Seeds: Contain natural phytoestrogens that help healthy estrogen production for great breast cell health and breast structure.

3. Damiana Herb: contains phyto-estrogens also, which will stimulate the tissue in your breasts to increase your estrogen levels safely.

Watch this video to find out more about how I use the supplements and my process for completing my personal training journey. Supplement information starts at 2:12:

Watch the video Below for More Natural Breast Enlargement And Enhancement Info:

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