I offer online Personal Training sessions. My 1:1 personal training sessions include a custom workout plan, bi-weekly Skype check in calls, daily email support, mobile access to the Brandi Jackson Wellness app, workout scheduling and nutrition recommendations to match your lifestyle health, fitness and body goals. Limited openings available.


What You'll Get:

  • Custom Workout Plan

  • Weekly Over the Phone Check-in Sessions (4 per month)

  • Email Support Monday - Friday

  • Progress Tracking

  • Accountability

  • Nutritional Suggestions

  • Workout Scheduling Suggestions

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I'm too tired and busy to work out. 

Response: Working out is possible even for women with busy schedules. We can build a custom fitness plan that caters to your unique schedule. It's a myth that you need or should strive to have an hour workout daily. I will create your fitness plan with high impact exercises that multitask for you so you can get more results with less time. I know your busy and your time counts.

Personal Training is too expensive.

Response: My belief is that Personal training is not an expense but an investment in your long-term and immediate health. If you take care of your body and practice regular exercise that matches your lifestyle, you will save money on medical expenses and avoid health risks and illnesses that are common with aging. Plus, you get same day results of improved mood, improved concentration, more energy, improved posture, and more confidence!

I'm lazy and don't have the discipline to exercise regularly.

Response: You may not want to workout every day and that's okay. You don't really need to if your fitness plan is custom to your needs, goals, and schedule. I can help you develop a custom plan and strategy to help you build your exercise practice and make the process fun! However, you will need to commit to your goal if we're working together.

I can just go to "X Hour Fitness Box Gym" where my membership is 10.00.

Response: Yes, but you may find that you aren't getting the results you're after without some level of 1:1 coaching, assessment, and support from someone who helps you by creating custom accountability, encouragement, feedback, and goal tracking. If you've been to a big box gym before you may notice that sometimes it can feel like your lost in the crowd. You might have to wait to use the equipment and you don't feel at home. Personal training makes your fitness journey customized to your needs, there is no one size fits all in fitness.

I have kids, so it's hard for me to make time to work out.

Response: Exercise can be difficult with children but any new routine can be difficult with kids until you and your children adjust to your new exercise practice. I'm a proud mamma of 2 little boys, trust me I get it! Invite your kids to work out with you or give them activities to keep them busy while you rock your custom exercise schedule of 20-30 minutes! There is a great opportunity for mamma's to teach healthy habits by example to our kiddos. Remember a healthy mamma is a happy mamma and your kids love having a happy mamma.

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