How to Eat A Plant Based Diet You'll Love After the "Honeymoon" Phase is Over: A Beginners Guide + Free 7 Day Meal Plan

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I have some great and magical information to share with you! Let’s chat about how to eat a Plant Based Diet You’ll Love After the “Honeymoon” Phase is over.

What is a Plant Based Diet?

A Plant Based Diet is a diet that is primarily made up of vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, whole grains, and little to no meat products. Meat is optional with a daily intake of no more than 10% of a daily food intake. The saying goes “treat meat as a condiment” instead of a side dish or main dish. The Plant Based Diet is based on scientific evidence for nutritional best practices to ensure positive physical, mental, emotional health, healthy weight, Diabetes symptom recovery, Cancer symptom recovery, heart disease recovery, healthy life span longevity and more benefits are still being learned every year! If you want to see great Plant Based educational documentaries, books, or scientific journal information; check out this great article by the Mind Body Green Blog here!

Eat Plant Based Long Term With No Honeymoon Hangover!

Eat Plant Based Long Term With No Honeymoon Hangover!

The Diet Roller Coaster is Closed.

Have you ever tried a new diet lifestyle in order to reach an important goal? Maybe it was weight loss paired with the Keto Diet or gaining muscle paired with the Paleo Diet. There’s also Veganism and glowing skin, intuitive eating and mindfulness, macros counting and abs, the lemonade, soup, or juice diets to lose an emergency 10 pounds. But, the big question here is why aren’t these diets sustainable as a long term lifestyle? The answer, the diets all miss sustainability by depleting or removing an important food source you need to feel healthy long term. Yes, I’m speaking to the general commercial versions of the diets aforementioned, but stay with me so we can get to the good stuff coming up!

Ultimately, the one take away all the diets above have in common are the roller coaster effect of being fun, exciting, thrilling even before the diet ride starts to feel bumpy, with highs and lows on your mind and body. The Plant Based Diet is lifestyle alternative that makes it easy to say goodbye to the roller coaster diet life long term.

How to Start a Plant Based Diet

Im gonna tell you the same tips I share with my nutrition coaching clients so listen close! And as always, leave a comment below if you have any questions.

  1. Decide if your are ready to commit to new nutrition lifestyle and WHY????

  2. Write a 5-7 day food journal. Review your food journal so you can understand your eating patterns and decide what foods to remove, transition or increase to start your Plant Based transition.

  3. Clean your cabinets, fridge and freezer of any unhealthy foods that don’t match the Plant based diet.

  4. Find your substitutions for the foods you crave most first!

  5. Get your groceries and meal prep your meals for the week.

  6. Hydrate properly per your daily water intake amount.

  7. Talk to your support team of family, friends, or your nutritionist for support.

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“Make it Easy” Meal Plan

So, your interested in trying the Plant Based Diet Lifestyle. Great! How can I make your kick-off even easier? Here’s how, I have a free downloadable 7-Day Plant Based Meal Plan for you! Over on my Instagram account I posted about cravings and comfort foods. The Lovely Wellnista’s that left comments there asked for a fish or poultry option and a sweet/ dessert option for cravings.

I should also note that cravings are fine to respect with moderation! If your craving “lives” for longer than 5-7 days, you should probably just have the craving food and move on. This is another great topic that we can dive deeper into on another blog post.

Meal Plan Ahead + Tips

Alright, so check out this free 7-Day Meal Plan and the accompanying recipe guide. But first, I have some quick pointers to mention for reading the 7-Day “Make it Easy” Meal Plan. 1. Everything on the menu does not need to be made from scratch. Each week it’s easy and smart to buy fresh whole foods with longer shelf time and to only prep a few foods that are going to be staples for the week. 2. Only use the color coded portions of the 7 Day “Make it Easy” Meal Plan when there is no specific measurement for the meal plan meal. 3. The color code also turns out to be a great guide for determining how much of each ingredient you will need when grocery shopping.

Make it Easy Meal Plan:

Try My Daily Glow Maker Green Smoothie Recipe!

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