Negative Energy Removal: Energy Cleansing Ceremony at Home For Mind, Body, and Soul

Negative Energy Detox

Negative Energy Detox

Negative Energy Removal At Home

Hey Friend. I know how it can be to feel like your whole body, mind, and soul are being overwhelmed by negative thoughts, negative memories, stress, strain, negative emotions, and exhaustion. I have a special energy cleansing ceremony that you can do at home to remove negative energy and feel more at peace.

Negative Energy Happens to Everyone

I also want to take a moment to point out how common it is for people to experience negative energy “build up” from how busy life can be from working, commuting, going to bed late, waking up early, parenting, friending, wifing, sistering, daughter-ing, interacting with toxic people, toxic environments, having unmanaged time, feeling unmanaged grief, having too many commitments, overindulging in social media or being in an uncomfortable phase of life transition.


Consider The 4 elements for Energy Release

I like to include the elements of fire, water, earth, and air for healing. Simply put, we are a part of nature that can increase healing by connecting intentionally with nature and the elements of nature. In the energy cleansing ceremony each natural element serves a specific role for healing.

Fire: The ceremony includes fire in 2 ways. A yellow candle and the day light from the sun can also act as a “fire” element at home.

Fire elements are said to invite Vitamin D, mind-body activation, stress reduction and mood management.

Water: The ceremony includes 3 options for the water element. You can use Florida Water, Floral Essence Water, a spiritual essential oil mist, or you can use your bath tub. If you use the bath option, fill your tub with warm water, healing epsom salts, healing essential oils, healing herbs, or healing crystals.

Water elements are helpful for energy cleansing as water symbolizes life, movement, cleansing, and presence.

Earth: The ceremony includes earth elements via earthing. Earthing is a concept that allows the body to reconnect with nature to boost positive mood and greater connection to nature. Feel free to learn more benefits about earthing here. The energy cleansing ceremony requires bare feet. Make sure to take off your shoes and plant your feet on the floor.

Earth elements impact the cleansing ceremony by providing grounding, support, and energy.

Air: The energy cleansing ceremony also uses air elements via the meditative breathing and the smudge sticks. Sage smudge sticks have been known to provide positive cleansing scientifically for mind and body. If you aren’t familiar with smudging, check out more information here.

Air elements help the cleansing ceremony process by providing release of trapped toxins and stale air, circulation, clarity, and calm.

For more information about how the 4 elements are healing tools please check out this great article here.

This energy cleansing ceremony doubles as a great as a Full Moon Ritual.
— Coach Brandi

Spiritual Tools to Remove Negative Energy at Home

For the Best Energy Cleansing Ceremony I have great recommendations for spiritual tools. The tools that are ideal include:

Pencil & Paper- Write down your negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences that you are ready to release.

Smudge Stick- To cleanse negative energy off of the body.

Candle- To provide sun/ light elements.

Florida Water- To affirm new commitments. Florida Water befits info here.

Abalone Shell- To carry the ashes of your energy release commitment list. Abalone Shell meaning info here.

Cooking pot/ Clay Pot- Fire safety for abalone shell.

Lighter- To burn the energy release commitment list.


The 6-Step Energy Cleansing Ceremony

  1. Open a window nearest to where you plan to perform the energy cleansing ceremony. Light your candle.

  2. Write down all of your negative experiences, thoughts, and emotions you are ready to release. This paper will be your energy release commitment list.

  3. Meditate over your completed energy release commitment list using the mantra “I am releasing this negative energy to make room for more light”. Or use whatever phrase resonates with you. Meditate as long as you’d like.

  4. Tear up the energy release commitment list. Place the pieces of paper into the abalone shell. Place the abalone shell inside of the cooking pot/ clay pot for safety. Burn the energy commitment list to ashes. * Please only use the lighter method if you are fire safety trained, if not you can just tear up the energy release commitment list and throw it away in the garbage can.

  5. After burning/ trashing your energy release commitment list, burn your sage stick. Smudge your body head to toe. Make sure to focus on the areas where you feel increased stress or tension.

  6. Meditate and spray Florida Water on your body head to toe. Meditate using the mantra I’m accepting abundant peace into my life, “I’m accepting abundant light into my life”, “I’m accepting abundant joy into my life”. You can also use whatever words resonate with you for accepting positive energy into your life.

Watch Here to See The Full Energy Cleanse Ceremony At Home

Glow in. Glow Out.


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