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I OFFER 2 methods of Nutrition Coaching SESSIONS ONLINE


"I had a chance to think about her questions and I notice I have been eating better!" -Chanthal L. *Results may vary.

Nutrition-Only Coaching


Online 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Only

My online nutrition coaching package is great for managing healthier eating and healthy eating behaviors. This nutrition coaching is a key way to almost guarantee positive health and body goals! My nutrition coaching packages include a 28-day meal plan customized for your unique food and craving preferences. In my nutrition coaching package you get a custom 28 day meal plan, daily email support, mobile access to the Brandi Jackson Wellness app, workout scheduling and nutrition recommendations to match your lifestyle health, fitness and body goals. Limited openings available.

✨ONLINE Nutrition Coaching Only PACKAGE

What You'll Get:

  • Nutrition Assessment

  • Weekly Over the Phone Check-in Sessions (4 per month)

  • 28 Day Custom Meal Plan

  • Progress Tracking

  • Accountability

  • Workout Scheduling Suggestions

  • Healthy Food Alternatives List

  • Supplemental Suggestions

  • Email Support Monday - Friday

Book your session now!

Book your session now!


Holistic Nutrition Evaluation Single Session


⚡️Online Holistic Nutrition Evaluation + Coaching Single Session

Online 1:1 Holistic Nutrition Evaluation + Coaching Single Session

My Online Holistic Nutrition Evaluation + Coaching Single Session is great for identifying dietary risks that may be impacting your physical and emotional health outcomes including symptoms for low energy, mood swings, bloating, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, constipation, acne, eczema, PCOS, Depression, or Anxiety. The Holistic Nutrition Evaluation is the best way to target physical health symptoms by learning which foods you’re eating; put your health and wellness at risk. The Holistic Nutrition Evaluation Coaching Single Session is customized to the client’s individual dietary habits with real-life easy to use suggestions and nutrition planning. The Holistic Nutrition Evaluation and Coaching Session includes a 1 hour Holistic Nutrition Evaluation and Coaching Session, 1 personalized Holistic Nutrition Assessment Plan Summary, The Holistic Healthy Food Alternatives List, and the Natural and Holistic Supplement List. Limited openings available.

✨ONLINE Holistic Nutrition Evaluation+ Coaching Single Session

What You'll Get:

  • 1 Hour Holistic Nutrition Evaluation Session

  • 1 Personalized Holistic Nutrition Assessment Plan Summary (post session)

  • Holistic Healthy Food Alternatives List

  • Natural and Holistic supplement List

  • The Holistic Nutrition Evaluation Session is Offered via Zoom Call or Phone Call



Eating healthy is not practical for my busy schedule.

Response: Eating healthy can be easy with a little bit of planning. Yes, I'm going to teach you how to meal plan customized to your schedule and food preferences. I want you to have the best shot at being successful with your nutrition plan, so I'm also going to teach you some shortcuts for when you forget or simply don't have time to meal plan at all. All of my nutrition plans include a restaurant guide for eating healthy on the go and a cheat meal option 1-2x per week. And for nutrition clients over the age of 21, I also offer a "healthier option" alcohol drink menu for when you plan to celebrate special occasions with wine or other beverages.

Healthy food doesn't taste good.

The only healthy food that doesn't taste good is unseasoned healthy food.  The good news is healthy whole foods can taste amazing with natural spices, herbs, and seasoning. I have a perfected list of 10 spices and seasonings that boost the flavor content for any meal. And bonus good news, the healthier your eating habits become; the healthier your food cravings will become too! Once we perfect your 28-day nutrition plan and give you time to practice and acclimate, you will find yourself craving the healthy recipes on your custom 28-day meal plan!

Eating healthy food is boring.

Did you know that most of our not so healthy favorite foods including pizza, burgers, lasagna, tacos, french fries, doughnuts, cake, cookies and ice cream all have healthy versions that taste just as good as the conventional option? During our nutrition coaching sessions, I help you learn how to eat the healthier version of your favorite foods so you can cancel your cravings and never have to feel deprived. 

Eating healthy is too expensive.

Eating healthy is completely affordable with practice and a flexible approach. I'm here to help you practice clean and healthy nutrition but I'm also completely aware of the dangers of becoming a "dietary perfectionist". My motto is to do your best and be moderate with your meal planning. Instead of changing everything in your diet at once we will slowly swap out the unhealthy foods that are holding you back in small groups, so your mindset and momentum can keep building to reach your nutrition goals.

Eating healthy will make me feel starved all the time.

Eating healthy is so versatile and flexible, there is no reason to feel starved at all. I help you plan delicious filling meals that give you energy and cancel your cravings minus the hunger pains. Most people who report feeling starved when eating a healthy diet also confirm minimum daily hydration. When your body is dehydrated you will be more likely to overeat, drink caffeine, and submit to sugar cravings and salt cravings which further the bodies state of dehydration. All of my nutrition programs include a hydration schedule session to ensure you're properly hydrating your body for best success.


Results may vary.