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How to Find Your Life Purpose & Live a Meaningful Happy Life!

Hello Brave Hearts,

This blog topic was brought to me by a subscriber on my Youtube Channel who was curious to know the steps and path for my work as a Clinician, Hypnotherapist, and Wellness Educator.

Finding one's purpose in life is truly an opportunity that is completely achievable with some deliberate reflection, introspection, and last but not least honesty.

My journey for life purpose took just around 2 years to completely clarify in adulthood. But the journey started the day I was born and the same is true for each individual journey for life purpose.  The accumulation of life experiences, actions, memories, thoughts and even the difficult complicated parts of life are the bread crumbs that create a useful guide to reaching that golden aha moment of clarity.

The best tip is to start by becoming present in your day, be connected authentically to your "right now real deal" life experience. You have to see the life you are living in order to know the life you are meant to live.

To start the work of identifying your life purpose ask yourself these 3 questions.

1. What task keeps resurfacing in my life?

2. What kind of work is important enough to me to do regardless of financial benefit?

3. When do I feel most in flow (creatively engaged/ in the zone)?

Once you have some guidance from answering the questions listed above, you are more prepared to use the 7 suggestions below.

7 Suggestions-

1. Write a list of favorite interests. Ask yourself what are the careers that inspire fun and happiness for you.

2. Survey 5-10 family and friends to determine what character traits of talents they recognize. Between the completed surveys from your friends and family, you will likely see a pattern emerge of possible leads for what purpose comes naturally for you.

3. Test out different possible careers by doing. You will learn whether something is a good fit by feeling in some cases.

4. Try hypnotherapy for life purpose exploration, affirmation, and clarification. Hypnotherapy sessions can be a great tool to connect with the life purpose signs that may be overlooked in the fast pace of most schedules.

5. Review some personality tests such as Meyers Brigs and other career and personality tests. These tests are excellent as they help define career paths based on individual personality traits.

6. Meditate and or pray to increase your focus around the question of purpose.  Ask yourself as you meditate, what is my purpose? What is my life's work? With time you will notice the guiding "signs" appearing throughout your day, week, and month. Meditation and prayer help your mind to orient to the information and affirmation you seek.

7. Determine what your deal breakers are, not every passionate interest is ideal for your life path. Some interests are meant to remain as interests, hobbies and past times. 

Go explore and you will find all sorts of great, interesting and priceless information!

*And remember, over time your life purpose may shift with the seasons of life and the aging process, so stay present to assess and build as time goes on. 

Watch the video below for more details.

Wishing you all the best,

Brandi J.

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